QDT17 R/L quick detach scope mount


QDT17 R/L mount is designed for Tikka T3 rifles equipped with 17mm wide factory mount rail. This mount is reversible and fits both right and left-handed rifles. QDT17 R/L mounts on the rail with our proven thumbscrew-style sliding clamps, eliminating the use of tools when removing and attaching the mount on the rifle. This mount can also be used on “Lynx” custom rifles that have a recoil stop groove at the rear end of the action.

Each mounting frame is machined from start to finish without removing the billet from the milling machine. This innovative process eliminates potential machining errors, and guarantees the scope’s return to zero after removal and re-mounting, even in field conditions.

Due to our in-house product development, this model now replaces our earlier T3 QD mount.

Do not use tools to tighten the thumbscrews. Keep the mating surfaces clean and use quality non-drip gun grease only on the threaded portion of the thumbscrews.

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25,4mm, 30mm, 34mm, 36mm, 40mm


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