Our scope mounts are built to strict specifications and tight tolerances to ensure quality, fitment, and function. All of our Picatinny (QDP) and rifle mount bases are machined from high-strength AL-7075 aluminum alloy, using an innovative single mount milling process: Each mount base is milled from start to finish without removing the billet, resulting in consistent and accurate end-product.

Precision machining together with our proven designs, high-quality materials, and quality black anodized surface finish ensure that our mounts operate reliably, function smoothly, and allow for fast removal and re-attachment of scopes or other accessories by the user. Once a scope has been zeroed-in for a given firearm, it can be removed and re-attached to it without loss of accuracy.

The mounts are available in standard ring sizes to fit different diameter scopes and accessories.  As a result, two scopes mounted on our quick-detachment mounts makes a sighting system that is flexible, robust and reliable.