MaSi quick-detach (QD) and fixed riflescope mounts and rings are designed and manufactured to meet the standards of the most demanding end user. Our mounts and rings are machined to exacting tolerances, using quality aluminum alloy stock material. The anodized finish on the mounts and rings is both functional and attractive. Our innovative mount and ring designs and attention to detail guarantee functionality and dependability, both at the range and in the field.

Quick-Detach (QD) Mounts:
MaSi QD mounts are rifle make and model specific, ensuring an exact fit to your rifle. Our QD mounts can be removed and re-installed quickly, without using any tools, reliably returning the crosshairs back to the rifle’s point of impact. Two or more MaSi QD mounts, equipped with different types of scopes, creates a customized sighting system for one rifle, with the option to use the rifle’s iron sights, if needed.

Masina-Tuote Quick.Detach scope mounts are known for their solid rail grabbers, as well as other features that ensure a quality product.

Caution! Unload and safe the rifle before mount installation and removal. To prevent damage, always maintain full control of the rifle and the mount components during mount installation and removal.


QDR11 quick detach scope mount


h = 12, A = 57, Weight = approx. 120 grams


Product description:

 QDR11 fits a standard 11mm wide, continuous dovetail with flat top surface (eg. Tikka M07, M66, Valmet 412, Baikal “Taiga,” etc.) QDR11 base mounting length is 60mm, and the recoil stop pin is located 18mm from the fore end. The ring spacing is 78mm (center to center.)

QD Tikka M65 quick detach scope mount


h=15, Amax=87, Amin=69

Similar design as T3 mount. Available with 25.4 mm/1″ or 30 mm rings. Please note: Ejection/loading port opening is 89 mm for M 65, 73 mm for M 55. Please measure the port before ordering.

Weight: Approx. 180 g.

QDP quick detach scope mount


Ma-Si Picatinny QD scope mounts are designed for tool-free mounting and removal of various accessories to MIL-STD-1913 (Picatinny) rail. These mounts let the operator attach and detach accessories (eg. scopes, range finders, visible lasers, tactical lights, carry handles, bipods, etc.) to the rail in the field. Once attached, the mount is locked, and will not detach until unlocked by the operator. 

The patented design makes it exceptionally simple to use, without compromising reliability. In addition, the internal mechanism is fully enclosed and maintenance free. The design, the individual components, as well as the manufacturing processes have been refined to the point that the mounts can withstand the recoil of any single, semi-automatic, or continuous-fire rifle.


The design is patented 31-01-2015 (FI 124794.) Patents are currently pending in USA and Canada.