About us

Masina -Tuote Oy is a family business established in 2000 with our own inventions, innovations and their further development at its core. Our most important patented products are:

  • Rod pulling device and method for transferring the billet in the NC machining tool
  • Brand specific quick detach scope mounts

Other well-known products of ours are also binocular stands and adapters for red aimpoint sights.

We carry out the machining, annealing and surface treatment of our products with our high-quality partners. In this way, our company can concentrate on after treatment, installation, assembly and product development.

Most popular products

Rod Drawing Machine BG50

1 250,00

Masi’s number one tool

This rod drawing machine and method replaces the most usual mechanical devices developed for the same purpose. The blank machined by drawing machines “Masi 35/110 and 35/150” is so heavy in itself that “drawing” the blank manually is not wise. Then, the single blanks have to be sawn. By using this drawing machine, the sawing phase can usually be avoided. Detaching the completed piece from the rod or material pipe blank is done, as with smaller pieces, by parting-off turning. Patent no: EU 1870184